KOTOR Cancelled? The Remake May Be No More

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A Quiet Death If True

The KOTOR remake has had a rough time of it, and it may have just been killed off completely.  It was to originally be a PS5 release from Embracer that was to arrive in 2022 until it was placed on an indefinite hold.  As most fans figured the original launch date was unachievable the delay was met with indifference, especially by PC users since it would give Embracer more time to unport the ported remake.  The one demonstration that was shown publicly was so appalling that several leads were fired on the spot, so the delay was obviously needed.

Recently all the KOTOR assets on social media and Embracer’s sites have been made private, which is never a good sign.  It’s not proof that KOTOR is dead but it certainly isn’t good news.  The fact that Embracer killed off Volition last month suggests they are looking at cost cutting, and there is no guarantee those cuts will make sense to fans.

Here’s hoping they are trying to erase all evidence of the original remake so they can release new and improved assets from a redesigned remake.

Worrying signs on the horizon for fans of sci-fi stories told a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Sony have quietly yanked posts and videos for Embracer's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake, in what could be the first indication that the publisher have finally cancelled the game, after shuffling developers and delaying release indefinitely last year.

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