Podcast #745 – Intel 14th Gen Launch, New FalconNW Talon, AMD Anti-Lag+ Pulled, Drop+xDuoo TA-84 Tube Amp + MoRe!

Our words flow from us at an alarming rate, but be not afraid; we are the harbingers of semi-literate PC hardware and software discussion. Also, burgers.

In this episode, we discuss the VERY EXCITING Intel 14th Gen launch, look at a very fancy Falcon Northwest Talon desktop equipped with one of these processors, and eventually talk about AMD un-launching Anti-Lag+ after it caused some mildly inconvenient bans from popular games when using the feature. MSI gets hot, Fanatec provides greater steering wheel realism, Windows 11 is too many places, and OneDrive storage scares + a cool tube amp and Total War bronze game review!  There’s even a very exciting back and forth on programmable remotes during the SofaBaton pick!  

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Show Topics


00:00 Intro
01:33 Burger of the Week
02:55 Intel 14th Gen launch (and a new Talon desktop)
18:01 MSI brings the heat – 115 C to be precise
20:24 AMD removes Anti-Lag+ from drivers amid issues
24:34 Microsoft backs off on OneDrive gallery storage
27:49 Windows 11 now active on close to half a billion devices
31:47 Fanatec Clubsport DD
36:03 Security Corner
43:18 Gaming Quick Hits
47:48 Drop + xDuoo TA-84
57:13 Total War Pharoh
01:04:01 Picks of the Week
1:22:42 Outro

Picks of the Week

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