The Affordable ASRock B760M STEEL LEGEND WiFi

Source: The FPS Review The Affordable ASRock B760M STEEL LEGEND WiFi

A Rare mATX Motherboard

If you prefer mATX to mini-ITX then head over to The FPS Review for a look at the ASRock B760M STEEL LEGEND WiFi.  As far as B760 motherboards go, it is in the middle of the pack at ~$150.  There are less expensive boards but not in this form factor, nor with quite as many features as the B760M STEEL LEGEND WiFi offers.  Those features include the usual, like DDR5 and PCI-Express Gen 5.0 support, but you also get 2.5GbE wired networking, WiFi 6E support, 7.1 HD Realtek ALC 897 audio, and a 12+1+1 phase VRM implementation which is probably 6 + 1 phase.

The board has an impressive array of storage, three M.2 slots of which the top slot is tied to the CPU PCIe, while the others depend on the chipset.  You can also add up to four SATA devices in whatever RAID configuration you might like.  The backplate has one USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C, with another available to attach to your case.  There are a variety of other USB connections available as well as both DisplayPort, and HDMI, as well as a combo PS/2 port.  The FPS Review’s main complaint was with the aged audio codec and not with the performance of the board.  There are also some layout choices you might want to review before purchasing as well.

The ASRock B760M STEEL LEGEND WiFis based on Intel’s B760 chipset and is one of the few MATX boards we’ve ever reviewed and that’s due in large part to the fact that the segment isn’t as common as it once was. Mini-ITX has largely supplanted it as people use fewer and fewer expansion cards in their systems.

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  1. Paulo

    Really good afordable motherboard, I have the B550 Steel Legend (AMD) but if it’s as good as mine, the B760 Steel Legend for Intel might be a great choice, it’s also pretty cool design, I matched mine with a Steel Legend graphics cards and looks great together.


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