What’s New With Android 14

Source: Ars Technica What’s New With Android 14

Well, It Does Have A New Logo

Ars Technica got a peek at the new Android 14 OS during Google’s I/O keynote, and came away less than impressed.  Last year we saw two new Android releases, of which Android 13 offered very little compared to what was introduced in Android 12.  Having a small update as the second release of the year is forgivable, however having the only release in a year offering so little is harder to accept.

In addition to the new logo which you are unlikely to see outside of posts like these, your phone will soon be able to create custom wallpapers using generative AI.  The lock screen is about the only other place you will see a change, there are now seven clock styles to chose from and there will be two new shortcut buttons.  Those buttons can be assigned a limited amount of functions, such as launching the camera to take pictures or scan QR codes, a do not disturb button, the flashlight or a handful of Google apps.  It’s a good start but somewhat limited in function.

There are a handful of other options Ars covers in their article, including the fact that Android 14 will no longer even display many old apps on the store.  This should plug some security holes, as you won’t be able to install ancient insecure apps at all.

Last year's Android 13 release felt small, but that was because it was the second major Android OS release that year. Android 12L—the big tablet and foldable release—came out earlier. What's Android 14's excuse? We're not really sure. We still have a few things to go over, though, like new lock screen customizations, genuinely exciting changes to the way the back button works, and a pile of under-the-hood changes.

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  1. Orcblood

    Since updating my Pixel 7 it honestly feels snappier. I know I know. You think its all in my head. But I swear it is. Apps open so much quicker and transitions on different pages is a lot quicker as well. This really feels like they optimized it a lot. Never had that feeling with any other android phone.


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