Zotac Releases A ZBox With Active Solid State Cooling

Source: Slashdot Zotac Releases A ZBox With Active Solid State Cooling

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One of Zotac’s new ZBox mini-PCs has an interesting new trick, it uses solid state cooling provided by Frore Systems.   The AirJet is a self contained active heatsink with no need for a fan or a pump.  It cools a processor with membranes that vibrate fast enough they operate ultrasonically, which creates a fair amount of airflow.  That air is moved across the heatsink of the processor and into a vent where it is exhausted out the top.

Zotac’s testing indicate that their ZBox PI430AJ with solid state cooling operates essentially silently, and claim you would need to press your ear directly to the system to hear any sort of operating noise.  As you might expect in a tiny system like this you aren’t going to be running a Core i9, instead the system is built around an eight core i3-N300.  The ZBox PI430AJ is only being released in a few select regions, hopefully we will see a review soon so we can determine how effective this AirJet technology is.

The AirJet tech is described as a self-contained active heat sink featuring membranes inside that vibrate at ultrasonic frequency, generating "a powerful flow of air" that's pushed through vents at the top of the unit. These "high-velocity pulsating jets" remove heat from the processor and push it out through an integrated spout.

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  1. collie man

    fascinating. One wonders if this cooling could be upscaled or is 7w TDP the max potential. Like, could you imagine in like 10 years a 100w system with an acceptable gpu running on silent AirJet coolers? That’d be pretty bad ass


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