Lexar NM790, Try Out The Maxiotech MAP1602 Controller And YMTC NAND

Source: TechPowerUp Lexar NM790, Try Out The Maxiotech MAP1602 Controller And YMTC NAND

Not Everything Is Phison And Samsung

The Lexar NM790 uses the same controller and flash combo as is found in the Acer Predator GM7, Colorful CN700 and Netac NV7000-T.  The MSRPs are attractive, ranging from $45 for the 512 GB up to $190 for the 4 TB model, the 2TB model that TechPowerUp reviewed should run you $110.  All drives come with a five year warranty and have decent longevity, the 2TB model is rated for 1500 TBW.

The testing shows the the NM790 has a 280GB SLC cache, not the largest on the market but certainly enough to handle most of what you will be doing.  Once you fill it a file copy will drop from 5GB/s down to 2.5GB/s.  The drive did temporarily slow down after 1.3TB of continual writes, but it did jump back up to 2.5GB/s relatively quickly.  As far as lower cost DRAM-less PCIe 4.00 SSDs go, the Lexar NM790 is a solid choice.

The Lexar NM790 2 TB offers fantastic performance at outstanding pricing. The 2 TB model sells for just $110, which makes it the most affordable high-end SSD available. Real-life performance results are even better than the 4 TB version, which helps make up ground against the PCIe 5.0 competition.

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