Oh No, There Goes The KOTOR Remake Again

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Oh No, There Goes The KOTOR Remake Again

The Rumours Are Not Good

Several months ago, all the KOTOR assets disappeared from Sony’s various social media channels for no good reason anyone could determine.  That was just the latest of the sad saga of the KOTOR remake, which has been postponed, then passed on to different developers and postponed again.  The removal of assets by Sony prompted follow up by a number of people, all of whom were unable to get much of an answer as to the fate of KOTOR.

The Embracer CEO, Lars Wingefors, is the most recent official to decline to comment on the state of the game. Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN did notice a comment with a little more detail from Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb, who says that no one is working on the KOTOR remake at all.  This may not be true however, as there are finally two sources from Saber Interactive, the current owners of KOTOR, that there are actually a few people working on the project.

While that is the first definite news we have had in years, it still doesn’t sound like we are going to see a release any time soon.

The claims come via frequent industry insider Jeff Grubb during November 17th’s episode of Giant Bomb’s Game Mess Mornings, who stated he could “100% confirm” that the KOTOR remake had been put on ice after “look[ing] into it”.

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