The KLEVV CRAS V Series Hits DDR5-8000

Source: TweakTown The KLEVV CRAS V Series Hits DDR5-8000

You Can’t Win Them All

TweakTown is fond of KLEVV, a subsidiary of SK Hynix and Essencore, having tested a number of their memory kits over the years and have almost always come away impressed.  In previous kits it was obvious that KLEVV were using easily recognized, top of the line parts but it is hard to say what is in the KLEVV CRAS V RGB DDR5-8000 32GB kit.  The labelling on the ICs indicate the frequency and timings but not much else, so TweakTown can’t say for sure what was used.

The results suggest that the parts may not be quite as impressive as they had historically been.  The benchmarks show a decent performance, albeit not top of the line but TT was surprised to find out there is no overclocking capabilities whatsoever.  They tried a few ways but the KLEVV CRAS V RGB DDR5-8000 won’t go above stock.   When you combine that with the price of this 32GB kit, which is similar to 64GB kits with the same frequency, it is a hard sell.

Take a look at the details, not to mention the small RGB issues, before you add this kit to your cart.

The newest dual channel RAM kit from KLEVV is speedy-fast at DDR5-8000, but it may not be enough to entice you to buy this kit of CRAS V RGB.

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