The Watercooled XMG NEO 17 Gaming Laptop

Source: TechPowerUp The Watercooled XMG NEO 17 Gaming Laptop

The XMG OASIS Watercooler Snaps On Magnetically, And It Works

Laptops with watercooling, either internal or external, are rather rare for obvious reasons.  The cooling will add a fair amount to the price, the external coolers reduce mobility and you don’t really have any margin for error when it comes to leaks.  The XMG NEO 17 can resolve one of those issues, as the magnetic ports on the side which connect the watercooler never let a drop of water escape in Ars Technica’s testing.  As for the other points, it is a removable solution when you are on the go but as for the price, the model tested would cost you $4,706.75 USD to pick up.

The high cost is certainly not just because of the exotic cooling, the laptop contains an i9-13900HX, an RTX 4090, 32 GB DDR5-5600 and a 1 TB Samsung 990 PRO.  Ars Technica were also happy to see a BIOS with extensive tweaking capabilities, allowing you to adjust the CPU voltage as well as numerous other enthusiast settings usually only seen on desktop motherboards.

Check out the whole story of the XMG NEO 17 here.

XMG's 2023 update to their NEO 17 laptop is in my hands, bringing with it a platform change from AMD to Intel. Also new is the possibility of a 175 W RTX 4090, while the popular OASIS watercooler gets completely re-vamped for 2023. What does nearly $5000 USD get you in the laptop form factor? We find out!

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