Podcast #753 – RX 7700 XT Price Drop, FSR 3 Source Code, Intel Sticks with Foundry Business, Frame Gen, AVerMedia +MORE!

Ho ho ho! Josh has been naughty this year, but coal is controversial so we were forced to give him all of his presents anyway. But what, you may ask, about you, the viewer? Why, this podcast is your gift! And what a precious, priceless, incredible gift it is. Go ahead – show it off. Impress your friends! Watch it again and again. It’s the last show of 2023, after all…

It has all the usual twists and turns naturally, with some of your favorite segments including Intel Arc news, (in)Security Corner, and Gaming Hits.  We’re here the end of the GTX series and also a quick look at the AVerMedia Live external capture device.   It’s a merry ‘ole time.  Come on in for a last look around 2023.

We send out a huge THANK YOU to our generous and ever faithful Patreon members. New folks and current ones that are bumping their patronage are greatly appreciated.

This show cannot go on without you – you know who you are, please consider helping our efforts. It most definitely helps keep us on the air. And helps Josh buy burgers. Thank you!

Show Topics


00:00 Intro
02:17 Food with Josh
03:40 RX 7700 XT Price Drop
07:03 AMD releases FSR 3 source code
10:17 Intel XeSS frame generation could be coming
13:31 Intel says they are not spinning off foundry
18:35 Pat Gelsinger’s initials hidden in every i386
20:09 ASUS introduces first ProArc enclosure
21:48 The end of the GTX era
23:42 (in)Security Corner
37:57 Gaming Quick Hits
47:19 AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra 2.1 USB-C capture card review
55:13 Pick of the Year
55:45 Picks of the Week
1:02:53 Outro

Picks of the Week

Video News

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