The Finals Apparently Got Better

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN The Finals Apparently Got Better

The Final Version Sounds Better Than The Closed Beta

Earlier this year I had a chance to try out the beta version of The Finals, an online free to play FPS with a grappling hook, very destructible terrain and a rather lacklustre unique mechanic.  The Finals drops boxes which you can collect and then dump them off at specific places and after a time you receive a huge number of points.  The box wasn’t so much the problem, it did fill your hands so you couldn’t use your weapons without putting it down and some parkour options were closed to you, but with your team mates to back you up you could get to the drop off point.  That’s where things went downhill, as you had to guard that area for several minutes before you got your reward.  That broke the flow of the game for me, not to mention that being pinned down in an obvious location kind of sucks.  The other two teams know where you are, and can assault you endlessly to get control or even blow up the ground at the capture site, which would drop your precious cargo to whatever was below you.

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN recently published a review of the game and it sounds like The Finals have gotten better.  They tried out the the three classes, Light, Medium and Heavy and discovered some interesting upgrades as they played.  For instance the Light starts out with an SMG but after building up in game cash from winning matches you can upgrade to a sniper rifle.  The Light is the class with the grappling hook, so it would pair nicely with a sniper rifle.  After some more play, the Light can become invisible when standing still, and you can swap the grapple for a knife and really upset your enemies.

Check out the review to see if you might want to give it a shot, and thankfully unlike many free to play games we could mention the only thing you can buy with real money are hats and other accessories but nothing that can give you an advantage against those that refuse to pay to play.

The Finals' real master stroke, I think, is that it has found a design that lets it be generous with power - even while containing an unlock system, a battle pass, and a not insignificant skill floor. Those things aren’t an obstacle between you and the childish joy of smashing the world to bits.

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  1. SickOfaiarticles

    I can tell you’ve never touched the game. Grappling hook doesn’t get “swapped” for a knife, nor does invisibility happen from standing still,rather an ability you can equip instead of the grappling hook and the sniper rifle is available immediately as a Light. Maybe play the f-in game before you crap on it and speak like your some kind of expert.

    • SickOfaiarticles

      You should do your own research as well, using another site’s article for your article isn’t journalism, it’s lazy.

  2. Blobfish

    You clearly haven’t played this game.

  3. Snake

    Wow I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a lazy article before. Why don’t you team up with some friends and put at least a few hours into this masterpiece of a game and then share what you think about it instead of guessing what a game is like based off a review.

    This game is just endless fun with ‘only in battlefield’ moments every match due to the destruction. The cashout system is a clever game mode which enables for a lot of tactical gameplay and ensures that each class has its own niche to fulfill. Finally some refreshing gameplay after the stale FPS games in the kinds of tdm, extract or battle royale.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      Missed the part where I did play the early version did we?


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