Want More DOOM? Sigil 2 Is Out To Celebrate It’s 30th Birthday

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Want More DOOM?  Sigil 2 Is Out To Celebrate It’s 30th Birthday

Nine New Levels Of Hell

If you are looking for a challenging return to the early years of first person shooters, then check out John Romero’s new release.  As long as you have your old copy of Doom, or want to pick it up on one of the current gaming providers you can give it a try for free.  You can create a megawad with the original game and the Sigil 2 download using something such as GZDoom and get right to shotgunning demons again.  The game is not easy, it’s designed to be a challenge to beat for even those who grew up on Doom.

As with the first Sigil this one has a custom soundtrack, provided by the metal band THORR, to give it a certain atmosphere.  The game is free unless you want to go all in and pick up a physical edition.  If you go that route you can choose between a physical editions on a shotgun shell USB stick or a signed floppy disk, with some artwork as a bonus.

The new levels are all able to be used in online deathmatches as well!

Doom co-creator John Romero has marked the seminal FPS’ 30th anniversary by releasing his second unofficial campaign for the hell-shooter. Sigil 2 follows on from Romero’s previous expansion for the Doom engine - released in 2019 for its quarter-century celebrations - by adding nine new levels that you can go and grab for free right now.

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  1. collie man

    To honor it properly we should set up some 2400baud modems, set up a PCBoard BBS, call it something like Warez-Doom-2×23, then we get a buncha floppy disks and…… yea I’m bored, lets not do that

    • BigTed

      I’ll dig out my 486SX 25 and run it at 15fps

      • collie man

        the first system I played this on was a 386dx 16. It worked, and I remember it being the craziest thing I’d ever played, but I cant even imagine how bad the performance was. I know I was still playing it when I upgraded to the am486-dx4 and thats the way I member it but it musta been clippy as FUUUUUCK when I first tried it

        • BigTed

          My mates Dad had a DX2 66. Man, Doom like butter on that bad boy.

  2. collie man

    does IDDQD still work? That’s how I beat the first one, and anyone who says they didn’t is a liar


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