CES 2024: ASUS ROG Strix LC III Liquid Coolers and ROG Ryujin III Water Block

Source: ASUS CES 2024: ASUS ROG Strix LC III Liquid Coolers and ROG Ryujin III Water Block

New Liquid Cooling Options from the Republic of Gamers

ASUS has announced new liquid CPU cooling products under their Republic of Gamers (ROG) banner at CES 2024, with the ROG Strix LC III Series of all-in-one CPU coolers, and a new standalone ROG Ryujin III water block for custom loops.

“Whether you’re building a midrange gaming rig or an all-out, custom water-cooled showpiece PC, ROG has new liquid cooling products to make your build stand out. The latest ROG Strix LC III AIOs come with Asetek’s New Gen7 v2 pump and copper coldplate, and are also available in an LCD edition featuring a 2.1” IPS screen that allows you to put CPU temperatures, a system clock, or a custom image of your choosing right on the water block. Available in both white and black, you can read more about this family of AIO coolers here. And if you prefer to craft your own water cooling, the new ROG Ryujin III water block integrates with your custom loop, with a similar 3.5” LCD screen that lets you monitor system stats or show custom animations atop your CPU. Read more about the new Ryujin III water block here.”

Pictured below is the ROG Strix LC III 360 mm AiO cooler (a 240 mm model is also available):


The ROG Strix LC III series of 240 mm and 360 mm coolers features an Asetek-designed cold plate and 7th gen V2 pump armed with a robust motor that delivers premium cooling performance. This cooling innovation iterates on previous designs with new Turbulence-Channel cold plate technology to provide greater thermal performance than is possible with traditional split-flow cold plates.

To enhance compatibility with different system layouts, this new liquid cooler series also debuts a water block that can be rotated 360°, and it uses magnetic attachment to streamline the installation process. Builders can also opt for a version with a magnetically attached 2.1-inch IPS LCD screen that displays live system stats or customizable artwork.

For the more adventurous, ASUS is offering a standalone water block – a first from ROG. Pictured is the ROG Ryujin III WB:

ASUS ROG Ryujin III Water Block

“The ROG Ryujin III WB is the first open-loop water block in the renowned Republic of Gamers family of liquid coolers. In true Ryujin fashion, it ups the ante with a full-color 3.5-inch LCD screen that can display animated GIFs in addition to system info and custom art. And unlike other open-loop water blocks, it also features an embedded Axial-tech fan to boost air circulation around a motherboard’s voltage regulator modules for higher performance and system stability.”

As with most CES announcements, we don’t have pricing or availability info to share just yet. You can read more about all of the ASUS ROG products from CES 2024 at this link.

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