NVIDIA’s Other Announcements, G-SYNC Pulsar And Ace

Source: The FPS Review NVIDIA’s Other Announcements, G-SYNC Pulsar And Ace

Super News For Twitch Streamers Too

The new cards from NVIDIA are getting the bulk of the attention but there were a few other announcements along with the hardware.  For those that stream to Twitch with an NVIDIA GPU, the ability to locally encode your stream is a rather impressive new feature.  Instead of counting on Twitch to properly handle the resolution and framerate of your stream, NVIDIA cards will soon be able to encode up to five concurrent streams of different resolutions and framerates and stream them live. 

G-SYNC Pulsar is an upgrade to their current variable refresh rate technology to prepare for the next generation of displays.  The new standard introduces variable frequency strobing which will be capable of handling refresh rates of up to 1000Hz.  There was plenty of AI talk, and one of the reveals will be interesting for gamers, NVIDIA ACE.  This could hook up NPCs with LLMs, allowing you to actually talk to NPCs instead of choosing from set dialogue options.  If implemented well it could make RPGs a lot more interesting, and likely odder as well.

The FPS Review offers more on the keynote here.

Using OBS and GeForce GPUs you will be able to stream out at 5 different streams, resolutions, and framerate, to more optimally target users having different format devices. This does seem to be strictly with Twitch.

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  1. MS. Allyn Shrout

    you ask the NPC something to cause the LLM to give a bad answer – NPC responds with ” “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”


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