Oi Matey! Fallout: London Will Make Your St. George’s Day Memorable

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Oi Matey!  Fallout: London Will Make Your St. George’s Day Memorable

Unlike Bethesda’s Version, This Game Will Release When It’s Actually Ready

For those unfamiliar with the patron saint of England, the release date for Fallout: London will be April 23rd.  While it is technicallly a mod of Fallout 4 it is hard to call something as large as Fallout 4 plus the Far Harbor DLC anything other than a new game.  The team have redone everything, from textures and models through to weapons and skills.  It will still feel like Fallout, but with a heavy accent and all new factions to deal with.  As it is Fallout 4 crafting will be a big part of the game, and the team have developed all new parts to build your settlements as well as for crafting weapons and ammo.

As you can see there are a significant amount of quests to keep you occupied as you wander the wasteland, either alone or with one of the seven companions you can hook up with; yes, one of them is a dog.  They should be fairly interesting as there are nearly 100,000 recorded lines of dialogue in the game.  You will also be able to travel via train, taxi and boat in Fallout: London which should make it easier to travel between buroughs.

There is a huge amount of content in this free total conversion, check out the announcement video posted at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN to get an idea just how much work has been put into Fallout: London.

Fallout: London started work back in early 2019, amassing a team of over 50 core developers and more than 200 contributors over the years to create a reimagining of Fallout 4 set here in London. A complete wasteland of the UK? Who could imagine!

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