BitLocker Gets Pi All Over It’s Face As A Pico Cracks The Encryption Key

Source: The Register BitLocker Gets Pi All Over It’s Face As A Pico Cracks The Encryption Key

Crack BitLocker In Less Time Than It Takes To Read And Enter The Code

As far a security nightmares go, being able to crack BitLocker encryption with a Raspberry Pi Pico in less than a minute is pretty high up there.  Thankfully there are some caveats to ameliorate your heartburn somewhat.  The hack only works if the TPM module on the computer is separate from the CPU, as it intercepts the key as it is being passed between them.  You would hope that the key was encrypted, which is too bad as you will now be incredibly disappointed to learn it is passed between the two in the clear.

In order to pull this off you need physical access to the computer and a customized connector to intercept the data being passed.  With that hardware, which is about as inexpensive as the Pi Pico.  In theory the use of a PIN should ensure that the attacker can’t get any further.  Check out The Register for more depressing details.

We're very familiar with the many projects in which Raspberry Pi hardware is used, from giving old computers a new lease of life through to running the animated displays so beloved by retailers. But cracking BitLocker? We doubt the company will be bragging too much about that particular application.

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