Star Wars Dark Forces Remastered Arrives

Source: Ars Technica Star Wars Dark Forces Remastered Arrives

Kyle Katarn Runs Again

Star Wars Dark Forces was a bit of a slog back in the day, with levels full of corridors that looked more or less the same, keycards to find and match to doors, wall bashing to find secrets and lots of Stormtroopers and Dark Troopers to shoot.  While you never did get a lightsaber there were certainly a number of other interesting weapons to pick up to take down the Empires forces.  The 90’s era game design might be off putting for those who didn’t play it the first go around, even with the improved graphics.

If you do want to try out Dark Forces at 4K and 120Hz though, the remaster is worth taking a peek at.  Ars Technica and Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN both enjoyed the memories brought back to life with somewhat more modern graphics and significantly improved performance.  RPS were quite happy to see the inclusion of the CES demo “The Avenger”, which never made it into the full game so many have not tried it.

It’ll run you about $30 to try if you are interested.

There are new lighting effects, much nicer menus and options, gamepad support (including rumble), and polished cutscenes, in addition to the gameplay that now tilts a bit more toward Motörhead than Rush in speed and feel. But, really, what sells Dark Forces Remastered is the game beneath the upgrades. If you have any interest in hopping on Jabba the Hutt's barge again, this is the way to do it.

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  1. BigTed

    Man, was I jealous of my mates DX2 66 after I saw this running. My SX 25 wasn’t really up to the job.


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