The Seasonic VERTEX GX-850, Because Not Everyone Needs 1600W

Source: The FPS Review The Seasonic VERTEX GX-850, Because Not Everyone Needs 1600W

Solid Power For Most Systems

The trend for lower power and lower heat components seems to have reversed, with many high end CPUs and GPUs requiring serious wattage to run at full speed.  Still, the number of systems that truly require a 1000W PSU are limited and so it is nice to see a variety of companies focusing on PSUs with more reasonable wattages.  The Seasonic VERTEX GX-850 is one such PSU, with 850W of modular power and including a 12VHPWR connector for newer NVIDIA GPUs.

The FPS Review recently reviewed a 1600W model and were very impressed, so the VERTEX GX-850 has a high bar to reach, especially as this is the first VERTEX series they’ve reviewed.  The PSU was designed in house by Seasonic, and has a very clean layout with quality components inside.  Once they put it back together and strapped it onto the torture bench, the PSU proved it’s worth, passing all the tests with flying colours.  Indeed the efficiency was even higher than the 80 PLUS Gold rating advertised on the box.

The full review is here for those that are shopping for a PSU.

Today, we will be looking at one of Seasonic’s own branded units the Seasonic VERTEX GX-850 ATX 3.0 850W Power Supply (12851GXAFS). This power supply packs enough power for most users, 850W, into the brand new ATX 3.0 standard, with PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR, excellent efficiency, and an impressive warranty period.

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