TrueNAS CORE Bids Goodbye To FreeBSD

TrueNAS CORE Bids Goodbye To FreeBSD

TrueNAS CORE Joins SCALE In Using Debian

The current TrueNAS CORE 13 will be the last FreeBSD-based NAS from iXsystems.  From now you will see the OS of the popular NAS software switch to Debian, but it’s necessarily bad news unless you are a FreeBSD lover.  The use of the OpenZFS file system means you can do an in place migration to the new OS, though it is a one way transition.  There is one small hiccup though, VM appliances will not be able to migrate along with your data.

TrueNAS CORE plugins run in FreeBSD jails, the new version will use the built in Linux kernel’s KVM and unfortunately there is no way to move your VMs from one to the other.  There will be one final TrueNAS CORE 13.3 update with fixes for ZFS and Samba to match TrueNAS SCALE so you have a bit of time before you have to think about migration.

The Register has a list of some other hoped for features in TrueNAS CORE 13.3 as well as some details on the timelines you should be aware of.

Now it seems the company is betting its future on that Linux-based product, meaning the end is in sight for the FreeBSD offering.

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  1. Operandi

    Figured this would happen eventually and I always wondered how wise of decision it was to go with TrueNAS for my home NAS knowing they’d eventually move away from FreeBSD. I read over the Register article but it wasn’t really clear if the Jails will make it over with the migration? I’d hate to loose all my customized Plex metadata…..

    • Luke

      Your jails will likely not migrate, but there should be a means to set up LXCs in their places. Just backup your existing Plex metadata? You can access the file system of your jails and offload anything elsewhere through the terminal for those jails.

      • Wiam

        We all new it was coming, a merge of Scale and core should be next. No sense of continuing with 2 versions when the Freebsd version not supported anymore

      • Operandi

        Yeah, looks like they won’t which isn’t surprising, I can’t imagine how they could make that happen anyway given how different it works under the hood.

        I’m sure there is a way to backup the Plex data I need, just need to look into it. On the plus side I’ll have access to the Intel iGPU on for QuickSync transcode streams.

  2. Kris Moore

    FYI, this is inaccurate. VM’s transfer over perfectly to KVM on TrueNAS SCALE. Its only Jails and Plugins that need to be re-created, but all the data persists just fine.

  3. will Soteros

    Hello everyone, iXsystems has recently published their plans for future versions of TrueNAS CORE.

    TLDR: TrueNAS CORE is not dying or going away anytime soon.

    Those plans can be found here:

  4. Lylieth

    This article HAD to be written in AI. First off, CORE will NEVER switch and be based on debian; like the title suggests. Not only that but existing jails from CORE do not become VMs in SCALE… Jails are a container and SCALE uses k3s for them; not KVM.


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