CORSAIR M75 WIRELESS Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse Quick Review

Manufacturer: CORSAIR CORSAIR M75 WIRELESS Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse Quick Review

Corsair’s latest wireless mouse, the M75 WIRELESS which the company sent over for this review, is an understated-looking product with a modest RGB implementation and – more importantly – an ambidextrous design.

This is an important point, as not every symmetrical mouse offers the same side buttons for both left and right-handed users. Cleverly, Corsair includes magnetic buttons in the box, so you can choose which side has the protruding controls.

CORSAIR M75 WIRELESS Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse Quick Review - General Tech 13
Product Specifications
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • Sensor: MARKSMAN 26K
  • DPI: 26,000
  • Grip Type: Any
  • Game Genre: FPS;MMO;Battle Royale
  • Weight: 89 grams
  • On Board Memory Profiles: 1
  • Battery Life: 2.4GHz SLIPSTREAM: Up to 105 hrs | Bluetooth: Up to 210 hrs
  • Mouse Compatibility:
    • PC or Mac with a USB 2.0 Type-A port | Windows 10, Windows 11| macOS 10.15 or later | Internet connection for iCUE software download

$129.99 USD list (currently $109.99 USD)

Manufacturer Description

“Sculpted by victory. Made for the spotlight. The lightweight M75 WIRELESS sports an ambidextrous shape that enables right-and left-handed players to perform against the best competition.”

M75 WIRELESS Design and Impressions

CORSAIR M75 WIRELESS Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse Quick Review - General Tech 14

The M75 WIRELESS might look like an ordinary design from the left side, with its standard pair of software-assignable thumb buttons for right-handed users, it is when we look at the right side that the value of this product is really demonstrated:

CORSAIR M75 WIRELESS Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse Quick Review - General Tech 15

The right side is a mirror of the left, providing another pair of software-assignable thumb buttons for left-handed users. And, while they are flat to the surface in the above photo, there are additional magnetically-attached buttons in the box, so these can protrude just as far as the others – and so that the others can be just as flat as these.

The rest of the mouse design is pretty standard, with the two main buttons flanking a standard click wheel, a USB-C port on the front for charging, and the lighted Corsair logo (plus two light strips) on the top. On the bottom we have a DPI selector button, and the button to power on the mouse and switch between the two wireless modes.

The company offers this description of the sensor at the heart of the M75 WIRELESS mouse:

The ultra-accurate CORSAIR MARKSMAN optical sensor captures your every moment with pinpoint precision. From quick flicks to micro-adjustments, M75 WIRELESS is designed to go right where you need it.

  • 26,000 DPI
  • 650 IPS tracking
  • Up to 50G acceleration
  • Up to 1,000Hz polling rate

One aspect of the design worth mentioning is the the mouse “hump”, which is pronounced enough that my usual fingertip grip morphed into the quasi-palm grip (in which the pad of my hand does rest against the top of the mouse) that I adopted with the last Corsair mouse I reviewed. In fact, this one has the same height as the DARK CORE PRO SE Wireless that I like so much. Not a big deal, but the girth of this mouse belies its 89 gram weight.

iCUE integration works as expected, and it is nice to see options for hardware lighting and key assignments – meaning that, once programmed, the mouse will retain settings with or without the presence of iCUE software.

In use, the M75 WIRELESS glides smoothly across the fabric Falcon Northwest desk mat that was somehow left out of the box when I sent back the the FragBox 2023, and for further refinement Corsair offers surface calibration with this model, available in iCUE.

Button clicks are light but very solid, the click wheel has a nice rubbery feel, and I like the understated lighting. Battery life was outstanding, as well. Even with the lighting enabled it lasted for several days, though I failed to keep a tally of actual hours of use – Corsair lists 105 hours without lighting via USB, double that via Bluetooth as I primarily used the mouse when writing articles like this.

I like having a choice in wireless connection, and the Corsair USB dongle method features the company’s proprietary SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS tech for “a no-lag, sub-1ms connection and relays inputs 2x faster than the closest competitor”. I tested both wireless modes with no issues, eventually settling on Bluetooth.

An important aspect of this mouse is the sensor, naturally, which is the custom CORSAIR MARKSMAN model mentioned above, which offers up to 26k DPI with 650 IPS tracking. Such fast response is lost on me, sadly, but it’s an impressive spec nonetheless.

Final Thoughts

Speaking from my own experience, I still prefer Corsair’s larger, heavier DARK CORE RGB PRO SE Wireless mouse – but we are all different. Your mouse, and how you grip it, are very personal things. This M75 WIRELESS is much lighter (89 grams) than the DARK CORE RGB PRO SE Wireless (140 grams), and the M75 WIRELESS is 100% more ambidextrous.

I do have a hard time with the price of the M75 WIRELESS, which is listed at $129.99 USD – though currently marked down to $109.99. But it is hard to argue with the features offered by Corsair with this product. For example, one might point to a product like the Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed as an alternative, and that 82 gram mouse is attractive at just $69.99 – though it is only symmetrical, and not ambidextrous.

CORSAIR M75 WIRELESS Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse Quick Review - General Tech 24

For a mouse that is truly ambidextrous and fully customizable, as well as being lightweight at 89 grams, offering both USB and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and excellent battery life (especially with the RGB lighting turned off), it’s hard to find any fault with the M75 WIRELESS. It’s a solid product, and definitely worth considering if you are ok with the current $109.99 USD asking price.

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