Stop The Magic Smoke From Escaping With The SilverStone IceMyst 420 AiO Cooler

Source: The FPS Review Stop The Magic Smoke From Escaping With The SilverStone IceMyst 420 AiO Cooler

140 Is Bigger Than 120!

SilverStone have upscaled their IceMyst 420 AiO CPU cooler with three 140mm fans, for those cases that can fit the larger fans.  If you can’t quite fit this model there are also 140 and 280 versions.  The FPS Review tested out the IceMyst with the stock fans that ship with the cooler, as well as with three iMF70 fans to see if they make a difference in the sound produced as well as the effect on temperatures.  Installation was described as very easy, but you should note that SilverStone uses proprietary cabling which makes chaining the fans together much easier, but you might object to that decision.

The three iMF70 fans didn’t add much to the IceMyst 420, while they did shave a degree or two on some tests they also increased the amount of noise emanating from the cooler.  If you stick with the original fans you will never breach 48.6 dB(A) at full load, with the cooler being essentially silent under lighter loads.  As far as the temperatures, they were the best The FPS Review has seen.  You can see the results for yourself by following this link.

The SilverStone IceMyst 420 is an all-in-one (AIO) CPU cooler that is designed to work on a wide variety of sockets. These include Intel’s LGA 1700/115x/1200/1366 and AMD’s AM5/AM4 sockets. No word yet on the upcoming Intel LGA1851 socket. Overall, the SilverStone IceMyst 420 covers all current-day sockets.

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