The Aptly Named ASUS ROG Swift Pro PG248QP

Source: TweakTown The Aptly Named ASUS ROG Swift Pro PG248QP

It’s 1080p, But With A 540Hz Refresh Rate

The ASUS ROG Swift Pro PG248QP is obviously aimed at gamers who compete professionally, offering an insanely fast refresh rate at the resolution most commonly used in eSports.  You may struggle to reach that pinnacle when gaming, but you are certainly going to see smooth performance.  TweakTown certainly noticed the difference when they tested the Swift Pro PG248QP in a series of games.

TT also noticed that ASUS didn’t spend much time on calibration, and they needed to spend some quality time with the OSD to get a picture they felt was of acceptable quality.  They also found the viewing angles to be limited, even considering this is a TN display.  The point is that neither of those matter to a professional gamer, they will be right in front of the screen and aren’t going to care if the green is a bit off.  

It would matter to the enthusiast, especially when they need to drop down the graphics options to be able to hit 540Hz.

ASUS has released the ROG Swift Pro PG248QP, a 1920 x 1080, 540Hz refresh rate, 0.2ms response time gaming monitor designed for competitive Esports gamers.

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