CHERRY XTRFY M68 Pro Wireless Mouse, High DPI And Long Life

Source: TechPowerUp CHERRY XTRFY M68 Pro Wireless Mouse, High DPI And Long Life

90 Hours At 1000Hz Polling Rate, Not So Much At 8000Hz

The Cherry XTRFY M68 Pro mouse offers both wired and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, and is designed to be more impressive when it is wireless.  The charge cord is 1.8m long so you certainly could use it wired, but you are limited to a 1000Hz polling rate. If you go wireless you can toggle that up to 8000Hz and TechPowerUp’s testing proved that it lives up to that claim.  Indeed if you are going to try it, you’d better have a fast CPU, a screen with a 300Hz or better peak refresh rate and a rather high DPI setting on the mouse.

The polling rate isn’t the only impressive thing about the XTRFY M68 Pro, it’s wireless click latency is among the lowest TPU have ever seen.  There is one small drawback to all of these features though, the mouse will cost you around $140.  You can see all the results of their testing here.

Newly-formed CHERRY XTRFY brings the ambidextrous M68 Pro, weighing no more than 55 g despite being a solid-shell design. In addition, it comes with PixArt's PAW3395, up to 90 hours of battery life, and true 8000 Hz wireless polling.

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