The Fancy Styling Of The Corsair One i500 Will Cost You

Source: KitGuru The Fancy Styling Of The Corsair One i500 Will Cost You

The Best Of The Best, In A Tiny Box

There is a lot hiding in the Corsair One i500’s 391mm x 185mm x 300mm (15.3″ x 7.6″ x 11.8″) system; an RTX 4090 and Core i9-14900K which are both watercooled give you an idea what to expect.  There are also three fans on the rear of the case behind the motherboard and one in the front to ensure the motherboard components and M.2 drives are not left out.  If you aren’t fond of the colour of the wooden front, the Corsair One i500 also comes in a lighter colour.

KitGuru’s testing shows the CPU has a 200W PL1 limit set, which limits the clock speed of the i9-14900K to around 4.6GHz.  This does keep the thermals in check and the performance doesn’t degrade when subjected to a heavy load for a long time.  The kit will cost you, it’s not quite available yet but you should expect to pay over $5000.  If you want serious gaming performance in a tiny size, then the Corsair One i500 is something to keep an eye out for.

It's been two years since we last checked out a Corsair One prebuilt PC, but the series is returning for 2024 and it is bigger than ever – literally! Sporting a new design with wood front panel, larger micro-ATX motherboard and liquid cooling for both CPU and GPU, it is safe to say Corsair is not holding back with the latest iteration of the One.

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