Thinking Of An All White Build? Take A Peek At The Enermax Revolution D.F. 12 850W

Source: KitGuru Thinking Of An All White Build?  Take A Peek At The Enermax Revolution D.F. 12 850W

Black Is Available Too, If You Prefer

As long as you aren’t running a new Core i9 and an RTX 4090 the chances are 850W will serve you well.  Enermax, partnered with OEM RSY, have released the fully modular Revolution D.F. 12 850W for those type of build.  The D.F in the name refers to the Enermax Dust Free Rotation button located on the back of the PSU, a simple push will cause the fan to reverse for 10 seconds and hopefully blow out any accumulated dust that has collected in the PSU.  This is already common on GPUs and it is nice to see it extended to power supplies.

The quality of power delivered was solid, KitGuru didn’t see anything stand out for better or worse, it simply did exactly what it should.  The PSU is only 122mm deep, so it will fit in smaller cases without issue.  That size does mean Enermax used a 120mm fan, which can get a bit loud at full speed.  The Revolution D.F. 12 850W supports ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1, and you can find the review right here.

Today we take a look at another relatively new unit in the Enermax power supply range, the D.F. 12. This little PSU will suit a huge array of chassis designs given its diminutive 122mm length. It is fully modular, 80 Plus Gold rated and incorporates the Enermax Dust Free Rotation tech for ultra cleanliness.

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