Finalmouse UltralightX, A Carbon Fiber Composite Mouse

Source: TechPowerUp Finalmouse UltralightX, A Carbon Fiber Composite Mouse

Looking For One Of The Lightest Mice Money Can Buy?

The Finalmouse UltralightX weighs a mere 38g, with a carbon fiber composite shell, which has a pattern of holes to minimize the weight even further.  The UltralightX comes in three different sizes as well, so you can pick up the version that best matches your grip.  Inside is PixArt’s PAW3395 sensor, capable of up to a 4000Hz polling rate and plans to upgrade that to 8000Hz in the future.  You don’t need their XPanel software, and it won’t launch when you have the UltralightX plugged in, it’s specifically for wireless usage.

For their review, TechPowerUp used a product called XLAT which measures the time between button actuation (press or button-down) and the USB packet containing the click event data.   Check out how well it works as well as the overall performance of the pricey Finalmouse UltralightX in their full review.

Being made of a carbon fiber composite, the ambidextrous UltralightX is among the lightest wireless mice available at 38 g. The browser-based software for the ULX is just as lightweight. In addition, the ULX is equipped with PixArt's PAW3395 sensor, and delivers true 4000 Hz wireless polling.

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