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Time To Toss Out That Pile Of AOL CDs Too

The headline will send certain readers into a nostalgic mood, while others will be scratching their heads wondering what the frell the longbeards are on about this time.  It was just announced that after almost 30 years ICQ will be shutting down on June 26th, with no additional information offered.  If you do happen to recall your login information for ICQ, you will be able to permanently forget it in a month.

Take a moment and cast your mind back to the wild days of IRC, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Chat and all the other applications we used in our youth.  Then consider how little has changed over the years, apart from the names of the apps.  We still need to recall dozens of logins and have people that we can only reach on specific platforms, just like in the old days.  It seems about the only big difference is the amount of medications we now have to take.

Time for a nap(ster).


A brief statement on the service's website states "ICQ will stop working from June 26" without any explanation, and suggests VK Messenger as an alternative.

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  1. collie man

    W W W DOT never get over you

  2. collie man

    I actually keep thinking about this, why were ICQ servers still up anyways? What things were people doing there, completely outside of general observation. Was it enthusiasts, arms dealers, human traffickers? Could you get an ICQ text though an oppressive government’s firewall or was it completely useless, empty service with not a single human log on for years, but possibly long forgotten spam bots spamming each other……

    Now that it’s dead I wana know the story of it’s life. Everyone switched to yahoo by like, early 2001, so what has happened since then.

    • collie man

      Ok, as I’m researching it seems ICQ had quite the history since we left it…… down to it being the #1 chat tool of pussy riot until AOL sold it to a very pro-kremlin messenger corporation………… fascinating.


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