KLEVV Bolt V For Your DDR5-6800 Needs

Source: TechPowerUp KLEVV Bolt V For Your DDR5-6800 Needs

Available In 16GB, 24GB, And 32GB But Not 48GB

The KLEVV Bolt V series of DDR5 comes in a variety of sizes and speeds ranging from 6000MT/s to 6800 MT/s but isn’t available in the new Chrome friendly 48GB size.  The design should appeal to those looking to avoid yet another RGB component, as the heatspreaders only cool and don’t glow. Thanks to the lack of lights the DIMMs are fairly low profile, which is handy for those with large heatsinks.

The base timings are 34-40-40-80 and TechPowerUp easily set the DIMMs up on both their AMD and Intel systems.  The Intel system ran at the full 6800MHz, while the AMD system used the preferred frequency of 6400MHz to match the uncore of the Ryzen 9 7950X they used in their tests.  While the frequency is not optimal for either system, however the current price of $114 is rather attractive.

Head over to TechPowerUp if you are intrigued.

KLEVV has brought the Bolt series to DDR5. Targeting PC gamers, the Bolt V is a low-profile memory kit that keeps the lights off, but is no slouch either! Follow along as we benchmark and compare this memory kit on both Intel and AMD systems.

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