The Samsung 990 PRO With It’s Own Samsung Pascal Controller

Source: The FPS Review The Samsung 990 PRO With It’s Own Samsung Pascal Controller

All In House Design, Though Still PCIe 4.0

The Samsung 990 Pro is rated for sequential reads of 7,450MB/s and writes of 6,900MB/s which is certainly fast enough you won’t notice the slightly older connection.  The FPS review saw transfer speeds meeting or exceeding the advertised peaks, as you would expect from the company that provided us with the best SSDs for many years.  They do still provide the flash for the best SSDs, but the market has changed since the days of the SSD Decoder Ring.  There are far less controllers to keep track of thanks to the success of Phison, but Samsung has never given up on their in house designs.

One of the more interesting results of The FPS Review’s testing are found in CrystalDiskMark, where it blows away the competition and proves that Samsung’s controller design team still knows what they are doing.  You will definitely want to spring for the version which comes with the fancy heatsink, unless you have a solid third party solution as the 990 Pro does get rather toasty under load.

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The Samsung 990 PRO is based on Samsung’s own in-house controller known as Samsung Pascal. Samsung Pascal (S4LV008) is an 8nm ARM-based controller. The Samsung 990 PRO also uses Samsung’s own 176-Layer V-NAND flash also called V7 TLC NAND flash.

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