Video Review: CORSAIR 6500X Mid-Tower Dual Chamber PC Case

Manufacturer: CORSAIR Video Review: CORSAIR 6500X Mid-Tower Dual Chamber PC Case

Pillarless is the latest PC case trend that you probably already love

We last looked at one of Corsair’s iterations on their dual chamber mid-tower design with the tempered glass-infused Crystal Series 680X RGB. But that was five years ago, and now we have a modern, aquarium-style, pillarless (is this already a compound word?) version to check out. We received the white version of the 6500X for our review, and it’s also available in black, plus there’s a 6500D version with a mesh front panel.

In fact, we recorded a video about it (embedded below), so if you don’t mind listening to me drone on for over nine minutes then please watch it!

If you think that the design is a bit familiar, you aren’t alone. I found this to be very similar looking to the Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO XL, but Corsair is being agressive with their MSRP, pricing this $50 below the $249.99 Lian Li offering – though with current discounts both cases are $200. It’s going to be an interesting summer if competition stays this hot in the large pillarless case segment.

The video has the specs, case overview, and some thermal and noise testing, along with exciting 4K visuals! You won’t want to miss it.

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