About PC Perspective

PC Perspective provides news, reviews and commentary on the world of computers, technology and gaming for our readers, listeners and viewers. We cover everything from motherboards to processors to graphics cards and solid state drives, providing detailed analysis and technological insight to help consumers make educated purchasing decisions based on their specific needs.

Founded in 2004, but previously existing as Amdmb.com and Athlonmb.com from 1999, PC Perspective has seen numerous changes and shifts in the industry. We started writing about overclocking with “golden fingers” and memory capacities measured in MBs, and today we have 32-core processors, solid-state drives hitting *well* over 6GB/s transfer rates and graphics cards capable of multiple Teraflops of performance.

For press and media inquiries, please contact our Editor-in-Chief, Sebastian Peak. Advertising and business inquiries should be directed to our Managing Editor, Brett VanSprewenburg.

Current Staff

Sebastian Peak – Editor-in-Chief
Brett VanSprewenburg – Managing Editor
Jeremy Hellstrom – News Editor
Josh Walrath – Senior Editor
Morry Teitelman – Contributor
Scott Michaud
Tim Verry – Assistant Editor
Chris Coke – Contributor


Jim Tanous – Managing Editor (2018-2020)
Ryan Shrout
– Founder & First Editor-in-Chief (1999-2018)
Allyn Malventano – Storage Editor (2009-2018)
Ken Addison – Managing Editor & Second Editor-in-Chief (2009-2018)
Lee Garbutt – Editor (at least 2003 – 2020)
Alex Lustenberg – Production (2016-2018)
Chris Barbere (2012-2016)
Steve Schardein (2013-2015)
Steve Grever (2007-2012)
Matt Smith (2010-2012)
John Davis (2011)
Joe Kelly (2011)
Jonathan Hung (2003-2010)
Wes Patison (2006-2008)
Sean Pelletier (2003-2007)
Bob Dyl (2001-2006)
Chuck Smith (2005-2006)
Alex Marsters (2004-2006)
Jason Smith (2004-2006)
Mark McKee (2004-2005)
Geoff Baker (2004)
Kristie Goldin (2004)
Alexander Munos (2004)
Andrew Kaiser (2004)
Chris Wiles (2004)
Ron Goldin (2001-2004)


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