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Google Does! https://pcper.com/2019/08/did-you-know-chrome-rusts-google-does/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/did-you-know-chrome-rusts-google-does/#respond Fri, 23 Aug 2019 17:54:38 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=242138 Did you know that Google provides 6.5 years of Auto Update support for devices, after which you hit the Auto Update Expiration (AUE) Date.  That date is not tied to when you…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/did-you-know-chrome-rusts-google-does/feed/ 0 Das Keyboard 4Q and X50Q Smart Keyboard Review https://pcper.com/2019/08/das-keyboard-4q-and-x50q-smart-keyboard-review/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/das-keyboard-4q-and-x50q-smart-keyboard-review/#respond Fri, 23 Aug 2019 16:04:04 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=242124 Das Keyboards were doing it before it was cool. Even though mechanical keyboards have experienced a resurgence over the last 5 years, Das was one of the few companies that kept at…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/das-keyboard-4q-and-x50q-smart-keyboard-review/feed/ 0 PC Perspective Podcast #555 – Comet Lake Confusion https://pcper.com/2019/08/pc-perspective-podcast-555/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/pc-perspective-podcast-555/#respond Fri, 23 Aug 2019 16:00:03 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=242153 Join us this week for reviews of the be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU coolers and Corsair’s new wireless RGB gaming keyboard, a look at the latest NVIDIA driver features, an attempt…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/pc-perspective-podcast-555/feed/ 0 The DeeplyCool Gamer Who Stormed The Castle https://pcper.com/2019/08/castle-storm-gamer-deepcool/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/castle-storm-gamer-deepcool/#respond Thu, 22 Aug 2019 20:11:58 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=242102 It is true, there is indeed a pressure relief bag on the 240EX cooler, one side of the bag exposed to air and the other side surrounded by coolant inside the radiator. …]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/castle-storm-gamer-deepcool/feed/ 0 Gaming The Laptop Market https://pcper.com/2019/08/gaming-the-laptop-market/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/gaming-the-laptop-market/#respond Thu, 22 Aug 2019 19:04:10 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=242094 There is still a huge market for gaming laptops, regardless of the lack of upgradability and the extra costs involved in compacting a gaming PC into a reasonably portable form.  This is…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/gaming-the-laptop-market/feed/ 0 Scratching The Surface Of A Battery Issue https://pcper.com/2019/08/surface-drainage/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/surface-drainage/#comments Thu, 22 Aug 2019 17:44:37 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=242089 Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet/laptop hybrid devices have been in the news lately; but not in a good way.  Last week we heard tell of a firmware update that might have been the…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/surface-drainage/feed/ 1 Quakecon 2019: The Year of Doom https://pcper.com/2019/08/quakecon-2019-the-year-of-doom/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/quakecon-2019-the-year-of-doom/#comments Thu, 22 Aug 2019 12:49:39 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=242024 Bethesda hosted the annual id Software gaming extravaganza, Quakecon, this year at the Gaylord Texan hotel, running from Thursday July 25 through Sunday July 28. Unique to this year was the…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/quakecon-2019-the-year-of-doom/feed/ 1 MSI Unveils Content Creator Laptops Powered by 10th Gen Intel 6-Core Processors https://pcper.com/2019/08/msi-unveils-content-creator-laptops-powered-by-10th-gen-intel-6-core-processors/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/msi-unveils-content-creator-laptops-powered-by-10th-gen-intel-6-core-processors/#respond Wed, 21 Aug 2019 19:47:20 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=242012 MSI have announced three new workstation class laptops powered by Intel's new Comet Lake CPUs.  The Prestige 14 and 15 are paired with the GTX 1650 Max-Q, 16GB DDR4 and an M.2…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/msi-unveils-content-creator-laptops-powered-by-10th-gen-intel-6-core-processors/feed/ 0 Watt’s Up With Overclocking Navi? https://pcper.com/2019/08/new-and-improved-rx-5700-overclocking/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/new-and-improved-rx-5700-overclocking/#respond Wed, 21 Aug 2019 18:31:56 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=242009 AMD's drivers and third-party overclocking tools have matured since their inception, which has inspired The FPS Review to put effort into seeing how far they can push the two reference cards.  Now…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/new-and-improved-rx-5700-overclocking/feed/ 0 Feeling Edge-y Today? https://pcper.com/2019/08/new-chrome-flavoured-edge/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/new-chrome-flavoured-edge/#respond Wed, 21 Aug 2019 17:56:52 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=242006 How's that for an incentive to try Microsoft's new beta version of Edge meets Chromium?  Not only can you scream and yell about the interface and compatibility, but you have a chance…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/new-chrome-flavoured-edge/feed/ 0 Intel Comet Lake Processor Lineup Launches: Includes First 6-Core U-Series Part https://pcper.com/2019/08/intel-comet-lake-mobile-6-core-processor/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/intel-comet-lake-mobile-6-core-processor/#respond Wed, 21 Aug 2019 16:42:11 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=241995 Intel officially launched 10nm "Ice Lake" mobile processors on August 1st, and today they are adding eight new 14nm "Comet Lake" SKUs to the 10th Gen lineup slated to ship by…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/intel-comet-lake-mobile-6-core-processor/feed/ 0 More Info on the Minecraft RTX Update https://pcper.com/2019/08/more-info-minecraft-rtx-update/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/more-info-minecraft-rtx-update/#respond Wed, 21 Aug 2019 02:27:52 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=241988 https://pcper.com/2019/08/more-info-minecraft-rtx-update/feed/ 0 AMD Publishes RDNA Whitepaper: Inside the Navi GPU Architecture https://pcper.com/2019/08/amd-rdna-whitepaper-navi-gpu-architecture/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/amd-rdna-whitepaper-navi-gpu-architecture/#respond Wed, 21 Aug 2019 02:01:10 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=241984 We have already seen how impressive the performance of RDNA can be, even with the Radeon 5700 Series topping out at just 40 CUs. Navi has significantly out-performed the previous Vega…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/amd-rdna-whitepaper-navi-gpu-architecture/feed/ 0 ASUS Reveals Trio of New X299 Motherboards https://pcper.com/2019/08/asus-reveals-trio-of-new-x299-motherboards/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/asus-reveals-trio-of-new-x299-motherboards/#respond Tue, 20 Aug 2019 22:26:17 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=241968 ASUS have released updated versions of three X299 motherboards, the ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore and ROG Strix X299-E Gaming II as well as the Prime X299-A II.  These new models…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/asus-reveals-trio-of-new-x299-motherboards/feed/ 0 HyperX At Gamescom https://pcper.com/2019/08/hyperx-at-gamescom/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/hyperx-at-gamescom/#respond Tue, 20 Aug 2019 19:43:28 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=241872 HyperX is showing off a few new products at Gamescon, including a new Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset which adds a bass slide and virtual 7.1 surround sound to the popular https://pcper.com/2019/08/hyperx-at-gamescom/feed/ 0 FIGHTCRAB! Looks Like Crab, Fights Like People https://pcper.com/2019/08/fightcrab-ftw/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/fightcrab-ftw/#respond Tue, 20 Aug 2019 18:31:34 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=241963 Do not get flipped over or you will have "no choice but to submit to the pot".  You may be an immortal crustacean, immune to damage from swords, lightsabers or guns…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/fightcrab-ftw/feed/ 0 What Can You Do With 400,000 SLACers? https://pcper.com/2019/08/find-400000-slacers-with-cerebras/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/find-400000-slacers-with-cerebras/#respond Tue, 20 Aug 2019 16:51:05 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=241957 There is something strange going on at Hot Chips this year, brought to us by Andrew Feldman, the man that created and later sold Seamicro to AMD; the largest chip on the…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/find-400000-slacers-with-cerebras/feed/ 0 NVIDIA’s Gamescom Game Ready Driver Boosts Performance, Adds Low Latency and Integer Scaling https://pcper.com/2019/08/nvidia-gamescom-game-ready-driver/ https://pcper.com/2019/08/nvidia-gamescom-game-ready-driver/#respond Tue, 20 Aug 2019 15:46:18 +0000 https://pcper.com/?p=241940 In what promises to be the biggest driver update of the year NVIDIA has dropped a "Gamescom Ready Driver" this morning that not only offers what the company claims to be up…]]> https://pcper.com/2019/08/nvidia-gamescom-game-ready-driver/feed/ 0